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Red horse Manual Copier - Strategy IV

Red Horse is a gold Forex trading tool, developed by Sinry Advice. With a stable account growth

Red horse ( strategy IV) is not a robot!

14 Day refund policy if not profitable
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How do I install and does it open and close trades automatically?

Installation is simple and explained in a short video, once the installation is done the rest is fully automatic as the EA is smart and opens and closes trades in profit automatically.

Does it require a high level of expertise to use it?

No expertise is required to install and use this Forex trading robot because we have shown a step by step guide on how to use and setup the EA in a video which is on the product page of Red Horse EA.

How do these EA’s work?

Our EA’s have inner indicators which analyze the different aspects of the market and places trades based on them, all trades are based on market evaluation. 

What if these Tools are not Profitable?

Our Forex trading tools come with given settings which have been tested and provide proven results therefore if the EA is not profitable after correct installation you may request for a  REFUND.

What will be the risk?

Each of our Forex Trading Robots come with their own drawdown limit however we also recommend all our clients to set their own Risk Management.

Do I need to check it every time and change settings?

Once you setup it up the first time, the rest will be fully automatic and you don’t need to change or check anything. The EA will open and close trades in profit automatically.