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We are excited to introduce a new service on – assisting clients in successfully passing prop firm challenges.

Prop firms are companies that provide funds to traders who pass their challenges or testing zones. Individuals can visit prop firms that align with our strategy and apply for challenges, with funding ranging from 50k to 500k. If the client successfully passes the test, the company provides them with the funded account to trade with, with profit-sharing terms.

At SinryAdvice, we leverage our skilled traders and advanced tools to help clients navigate and conquer these challenges. We execute trades on behalf of clients according to the prop firm’s requirements, ensuring a smooth process. Once the challenge is successfully completed in few days we will inform the client to take over the account.

We stand behind our service with a guarantee: if we fail to pass the challenge, we will purchase another identical challenge for the client until it is successfully passed.

To learn more about the details and pricing of our service, please contact us via WhatsApp or through the live chat on

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